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making offerings in the city

The more interesting my offerings become, the more difficult it is for me to pass them along. Burning and pouring are ok, especially in small quantities, but burying things, which I like to do, seems a bit sketchy in an urban context. Is it more or less environmentally sound to return something to the earth than burning it and releasing it to the air? I think that really depends.
I'm looking for a job and I have a couple of thanks offerings sitting in my room from previous occasions, and I'm really not sure, having no back yard to finalize my previous transactions, how to even approach the whole business of asking the mighty ones for help again. Last time I asked them for help, I had great results and was able to conclude appropriately. Now, I want to get these lingering things on their way so that I can feel a bit more spiritually reciprocal before approaching again. Obviously I'll have to pray and pour along with my belated gifts, as a thanks for waiting kinda deal. I mean, they've already been offered up and hopefully enjoyed, but to do it symbolically/physically also seems necessary.

I do like interacting with the divine in official, semi-official and informal contexts, but I prefer to have some sense of unyielding respect in my approaches. I think tomorrow I'll try to figure out a good way to go about burying these things in a public space without making people too curious or suspicious.
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