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I was thinking about doing a wiccan training program just because it's so accessible, but after checking it out a bit, I made a decision - it's not for me.

So I'm doing the adf dedicant program. I am really interested in achieving status as 'priesthood' in my community, but feel that without some sort of appropriate training, I won't have the confidence to be a spiritual leader. I think experience, background, preparation etc. are very necessary for a teaching/guidance role. I don't know if ADF is the trad for me, probably not, but it seems to jive with my path at the moment. I don't see myself as a druid, but I do think it's important to learn from the past in order to create something meaningful in a modern context. I think it's going to be a good way to help me focus on my personal practice and concretizing a set of symbolic actions and tools to really get across where my beliefs/faith intersect with my experience. It will also help me articulate those items of faith and practice so that I will actually have an account of where I stand, rather than a general idea. It will probably be easier to find people coming from a similar spiritual place if I can articulate myself properly to others. I could also stand to be challenged on my beliefs and practices, as most people I talk to outside of utps are new-agey anything-goes eclectic spirituality folk, who use 'pagan' as a loose description of what they're doing spiritually. I think anything goes, as long as you've done your homework and can explain why it goes, and where it comes from. I think it's important to be fluid in terms of spiritual practice, but the ADF dedicant program isn't a rigid system, it leaves a lot of room for exploration and development through the learning style, and it does push toward making your own decisions based on your own research (study and practice). Which I like.

We'll see how that goes. I've been trying to do the two-powers meditation on the subway on the way to and from work. it's hard to feel rooted while travelling on a speeding train.
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