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Oh, google...

So I just noticed that when you google my name, this is the first result. Haha. Awesome.

I've really been enjoying having a large altar set up in my room this year and having private rits at home. It's so nice to be able to take advantage of that freedom.

I enjoyed the full moon eclipse on wednesday, and I had a great time at the Anthesteria rit, (omg the food! the altar!!).

I've been frustrated with the lack of time I've had lately to do my pen/paper pagan scribblings, so it's no wonder I haven't been blogging much. But I have a new compy so access to the lj isn't as tenuous. But I bought some gorgeous new books for writing about my cosmology, ethical system, etc. in an attempt to formulate an internally consistent pagan spirituality for myself. I don't want to be a religious tourist forever, and I know basically what I'm about... but it would be nice to be able to explain to people how my fluffy eclecticism actually operates as a whole. I especially don't want to sound like that weird What the Bleep cult with some of my ideas, which are similar, but Not actually founded on pseudo-scientific claims. In fact, I don't have the urge to try to cram my spiritual ideas about consciousness and interconnectedness into a scientific model, when I know that they are as-yet unverifiable. blah.

It gets more and more tempting for me to just join up with some coven and get training so that I can just use somebody else's internally consistent worldview, but since at this point I don't want to join to stay... this impulse makes me feel all icky and inauthentic. So I abstain.

I really need to start up some interesting conversations with my spiritual friends, but usually when I see them I have this funky utps Exec title and MFC consultant-esque position which I'm currently sitting under and I'm trying to keep them unblemished... hah. Well, hopefully after I graduate there will be new execs at utps who I feel confident passing the torch to, so my wacky and absurd questions about life, the universe and everything, can be discussed at length over pints and pitchers.


Well, my work ethic is nagging at me... and to my non-surprise, I have 10 minutes to get ready for work! Toodles.
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