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Happy Samhain

I didn't celebrate Samhain this year. This is partly due to the fact that I didn't have anyone to celebrate with. I could have gone to a group rite held by the local pagans but I have no way of getting to the town it's held in, nor do I have spare cash for the non-members fee. I wish there were people willing to get together and celebrate in my town. I tried to meet up with people for a coffee but so far, nobody has jumped on the idea. Some have said they're interested, but when I throw out dates nobody can go. They suggest I go to an out-of-town moot, but nobody offers me a ride there when I ask. I suppose it's because they don't know me but how do they expect to get to know me? I suppose I'll do something for samhain in the next few days, at least something for my ancestors, but I don't know what. It just feels weird letting the wheel turn without marking it somehow.
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