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I got this message today:

Get out of that organization as soon as possible.
You are dabbling in the occult and it's a very dangerous thing to do. You are opening doors for the spirits to enter you and it's not the HOLY SPIRIT..those spirits are demons and they are liars..deceivers and only want to destroy you in the please in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior come are probably so deeply involved into that occult you need to contact a Christian counsellor for delivrance. Don't wait to renounce that it now.
The angels of God will sing Halleluiah...there are other angels also but they are demons.
Start reading the Word of God and you will be know the truth and understand that you are indeed in a danger zone.
Jesus loves you and wants you to have an abundant life."

So, about the spirits entering you, as this person writes...
I suppose this refers to invocation. Strange that the spirit of one god is allowed to enter you, and it is holy, but the spirit of any other god is demonic. In fact, I find it hard to believe that all other spirits are liars and deceivers. What about simple nature spirits? Surely they are not all bad. Many of them provide us with nuts, fruits and vegetables, sweetly scented flowers and materials for creation.
I also don't understand how dabbling in the occult puts you in a danger zone. Aren't we already in danger from malevolent spirits? Occult knowledge can help you know more about it, how to protect yourself for instance, how to ground and shield and center yourself. It gives you the power to ward and banish, instead of making you rely on the elite priesthood of one god.
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