nadon (nadon) wrote,

In the beginning

In the beginning there was Consciousness. Consciousness had a body, which she called the universe. Consciousness could travel through her body anywhere she wanted, and she would see and know everything about the place she was in. She travelled near and far, here and there, to find out all she could know about herself. It was very dark in the beginning, so Consciousness began to light a fire everywhere she went, to mark the places she had been before, and to see all that could be seen. But there was nothing else. She was completely alone. And she began to cry. She cried everywhere she went. Consciousness cried with the waters of life. She cried the rivers of chaos throughout the cosmos. Her tears held all creation in it's form of potential. She cried and cried until there were no tears left to cry.

And so, there was Consciousness and fire and water. Consciousness tried to light fires in the waters to see what was there, but they would not stay lit. So blindly, and bravely, she reached into the waters to pull out whatever she could find. She reached deep into the waters of potential and pulled out a baby boy. She called him God. As he grew and matured, this first-born turned into a clever and cunning ally. They explored the waters together as they wandered through her body from fire to fire, and they pulled out whatever they could find. Sometimes they found scraps of this or that, and the young God would play with a piece of this or a chunk of that for a time, and then they would move on, leaving it behind, looking for the next toy. As he grew and matured, God and Consciousness fell deeply in love, so deeply in love that they wanted to make a monument to their love for each other, so everywhere they went, they would take pieces out of the watery chaos and he would fashion them into symbols of love. Consciousness called them Planets, and she set them to travelling around her fires so that she would always know where they were.

In time, his love inspired God to make new creations from Consciousness' tears, He made improvements upon his Planets with each visit, and crafted finer creations for her pleasure. In time, his creations became more and more vivid, as he pulled from deeper in the waters of life, and he pulled out other children, which Consciousness named and welcomed to her fires. These other Gods wandered far and wide, exploring and creating, reaching ever deeper into the waters to the source of life. They crafted a giant tree to live in, with branches that reached the top of the universe and roots that touched the bottom, and out they stretched, as far as Consciousness herself.

And with the fires to light their way, and the Planets to mark their homes, the Gods settled in the tree, cultivating love as artists and smiths, refining their skills, sculpting even more intricate designs onto these love monuments they called home. They fashioned snow and lava and sand and clouds. They fashioned mosses and fungi and algae and all manner of living things, including animals which were capable of the love they represented.

And then the animals were so inspired by their existence that they too began to create. And the Gods were surprised! But Consciousness explained, everything that comes from the waters of life comes from my body, and so Consciousness runs through all things. And so the Gods created new arts, and taught them to the animals. They taught language, poetry and music, war and hunting, healing and exercise, firemaking, clothing and shelter building, all of the arts and sciences. And the animals who knew all of these things called themselves the People. And they loved the Gods, and they loved Consciousness and the universe. And they loved each other.

And even today, if you reach deep enough, and search far enough into the waters, you just might pull out something new.
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